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Resolution of the International Conference “Neo-Fascism in Europe: 70 years later”

We, the participants of the conference, gathered in Saint-Petersburg which suffered so much from Nazi aggression,

–    Recalling the tragedy of the World War II, caused by the Nazi regime and leading to the loss of 65 million lives in Europe,

–    Relying on human moral norms, on sense of justice,

–    Stressing our adherence to principles of democracy, rule of law and  protection of human rights,

–    Denouncing any manifestations of racial, national, religious, ideological intolerance,

–    Empathizing that diversity of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups is not an obstacle but an asset for a society which should therefore protect and minorities,

–    Remembering the unity and wholeness of our common European history,

–    Being aware of profound and inextricable linkage between countries and peoples of the whole world,

–    Confirming our adherence to the principles of sovereignty and independence of Ukraine,

Have adopted the following:

We express our firm commitment to fight any attempts of spreading neo-fascist ideology, against its influence on societies and pretenses on power.

We express our alarm in relation to existence in any countries of political forces and groupings openly professing ideology and practice of ethnic, racial, religious supremacy, xenophobia, Nazism and fascism.

Expressing concern and sorrow over the events that happened in Ukraine in February – March 2014 that took the toll of human lives.

We appeal to the governments and parliaments of all countries to prevent and bloc the activities of neo-fascist organizations, not to permit glorification and heroization of fascists of the past and to prohibit Nazi manifestations.

We propose to Parliaments all over the world but in particular in Europe to organize public hearings about the danger of rising neo-fascist and extreme right movements in the political environment.

We support the aspiration of peoples to struggle against all contemporary forms of neo-fascism, their efforts to preclude coming to power of forces professing ideology of any form of social inequality as a basis for state building.

We denounce any ideological justifications of social inequality based on ethnic, religious, property, class, “creative”, components of personality that represent varieties of social-Darwinism and in the final resort merging with neo-fascism.

We consider necessary to unite the efforts of all citizens of the world adhering to the norms of human morale, in their uncompromising struggle against any manifestations of neo-fascism wherever it emerges be it in the form of spreading their ideology or moreover in any attempts of coming to power.

We ask the organizers of the conference to develop a follow up with the objective to continue as a public initiative against Neo-Nazism and Neo-Fascism and to create a permanent steering committee to take care of future activities.


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