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Revival of the Russian House in Merano

A Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center is being established in the Italian town of Merano, within the 19th century architectural and historical complex of the Borodina Russian House. Renovations on the Russian House itself will be managed by the Center for Development of Relations between the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Russia n.a. Nadezhda Borodina – Merano which has been operating since 2009 to promote Russian culture and foster the development of cross-cultural dialog in South Tyrol (Italy).

“The return of the Russian Center to the Borodina Fund’s architectural complex re-establishes historical justice and is a merited result of society’s efforts to preserve historical and cultural heritage and commemorate our fellow citizens who made their contribution to Russian and Italian culture,” said Vladimir Yakunin, President of the Russian Center n.a. Borodina. “We are sincerely grateful to the leadership of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the municipality of the town of Merano, all those who believed in the revival of the Russian Center and supported the idea of strengthening the Russian presence in Merano.”

The strategy of the Russian House’s revival, developed with direct participation of Russian and South Tyrol founders of the Association, involves the creation of a unique cultural, spiritual and educational environment on the basis of the fund’s returned assets to the Russian Center. This center includes the Orthodox temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, a library containing rare editions from the 19th century, a museum exhibit, a video library, a center for Russian language study, an art center, and start-up venues for the development of interregional economic cooperation. The Center is planned to be an international one: its services will be provided not only to residents of Merano and South Tyrol but also to those living in other Italian regions as well as neighboring regions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

One of the goals of the Center’s activity will be the active promotion of South Tyrol in the Russian tourism market and assistance in the development of the MICE industry in Merano by using modern business tourism technologies in an urban environment. One of the villas will house a small, cozy hotel with the necessary infrastructure for rest and hosting of business events that contribute to the development of international relations between Italy and other European countries.

According to the developers of the revival and development strategy for the Russian House, the measures for development of international relations, provided for by the strategy, will make it possible to attract a wide range of investors, entrepreneurs, and public and cultural figures to the region who are interested in cooperation, sharing of experience, and development of international humanitarian relations.

“We are certain that the revival of the Russian House whose history dates back to the 19th century will become a new starting point in our relations with Russia in the sphere of culture and art, science, education, development of interregional economic cooperation,” commented Andrey Pruss, Executive Director, on plans to develop the Russian Center.

The Center is financed through charitable funds; in particular, in 2014 the Center’s cultural and educational projects will receive financial support from the Endowment for St Andrew the First-Called Foundation, as well as from Italian businesses and organizations.

In June 2014, a General Meeting of the Russian Center n.a. Borodina – Merano will take place, where, in addition to the strategy for development of the organization, the action plans for 2014-2015 will be approved. A press conference will be held upon the conclusion of the meeting.

To receive additional information and to address issues concerning accreditation for the press conference, please contact Andrey Pruss, Executive Director of the Russian Center n.a. Borodina, by phone: +39 0473 23 59 76/+39 335 543 95 83, or e-mail:

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The Russian Center for the Development of Relations Between Alto Adige and Russia n.a. Nadezhda Borodina was founded in June 2009. The center’s Italian founders are the administration of Bolzano province, Merano town council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, University of Bolzano, Merano Orthodox community of Nicholas the Wonderworker, “Rus” cultural association; the Russian founders are the Center of National Glory, St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation, Consulate General of Russia in Milan, “Russian World” fund, and “East-West” public economic organization.The Center’s main objective is the development of cultural, public, and economic relations between the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Russia, strengthening of the spiritual and cultural presence of the Russian diaspora in Europe, formation of a conscious attitude toward Russian history, and an understanding of the role Russia and Russians played in the historical fate of Europe.


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