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On September 10-11, the “Large Families – the Future of Humanity” International Forum will be held in Moscow

The “Large Families – the Future of Humanity” International Forum will be held in Moscow on September 10-11, 2014, by the Center of National Glory and the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation as part of the all-Russian “Sanctity of Motherhood” program, as well as the Saint Basil the Great Charitable Foundation along with the Patriarchal Commission for Family, Motherhood and Childhood Protection, with participation of Russian and foreign public organizations.

The family as a social institution and the spiritual entity makes up the basis for life for the whole of society. A vital and top priority task for civilization today is to defend the way of life of large families and protect them from current challenges that threaten their well-being.

The work of the Forum will be devoted to the discussion of family-oriented initiatives in various spheres of social life, as well as understanding of social, economic, cultural, spiritual and moral conditions of family existence in today’s world.

On September 10, the day of the Forum’s opening, an international festival will be held in the State Kremlin Palace which will involve creative participation of large families from Russian regions.

On the same day, a “Large Families – the Future of Humanity” plenary meeting will be held in the State Kremlin Palace, where winners of the all-Russian “Family and the Future of Russia” competition for journalists will be awarded.

In the evening of September 10, a solemn concert devoted to the opening of the Forum will be held on Cathedral Square at the Moscow Kremlin.

On September 11, the Forum will continue its work in the Council Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Simultaneously, the “Large Families and the Future of Humanity” scientific conference will take place, as well as round-table discussions on the following topics:

“Law on the protection of family and the rights of children”,

“New life: the joy of parents and the gift of God”,

“The activity of Motherhood Protection Centers in Russia and abroad”,

“Economy in the interests of a natural family with children: income, taxes, credits”,

“The role of mass media in strengthening the values of a traditional family”,

“Pro-family Youth Movement”,

“New information technologies in protection of traditional family values”.

Special attention will be paid to the discussion by representatives of traditional religions about family values.

The Forum will end on September 11 with a final plenary meeting where a resolution will be passed.

Upon termination of the Forum, on September 12 and 13, the following events will be held:

“Public Activity School” for young volunteers (the coordinator is Pavel Fedosov, e-mail:;

Training courses for representatives of Motherhood protection centers (the coordinator is Tatyana Golovanova, e-mail:

We invite you to take part in the work of the Forum.

Additional information:

· + 7 495 641 52 00 Irina Golovanova. E-mail:

· + 7 495 641 52 00 Tatyana Golovanova. E-mail:


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