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The awarding ceremony of the International Prize of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called “For Faith and Loyalty” took place

The ceremony was hosted by People’s Artists of Russia Anna Shatilova and Yevgeny Kochergin. Among the awardees of the prize – prestigious not governmental, not party, not religious and not political award – were Greek Metropolitan and President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Doctor and Chairman of the State Duma Committee of Federal Assembly of RF, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Head of special operational subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, as well as Doctor of Agricultural Science. Merits of these people once again made us believe that the country where such kind of people live and work is bound for the happy future despite any external threats and challenges. Traditionally the prize was given to the winners by awardees of the previous years: Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called and the Centre of National Glory Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin, Member of Board of Trustees of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called and the Centre of National Glory Metropolitan Vladimir of Omsk and Tavros, and Chairman of the International Prize Committee space-pilot of USSR and Hero of the Soviet Union Oleg Yuryevich Atkov. Vladimir Yakunin congratulated everybody on the Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First-Called who is believed to be the guardian of Russia. He noted that the ceremony has been held for 22 years successively where the award is given to outstanding people of the world, to citizens of our country who made remarkable and fantastic contribution to the cause of formation of the national identity, serving for the Motherland, upbringing of the younger generation, development of agriculture, science, culture, literature and all the fields of human activity. The winners of the prize “For Faith and Loyalty” are remarkable people of different beliefs, ages, professions who are united by love for their Motherland, by ability to serve for their society and to believe that their life is based on desire to make this world a better place. These are the people we should learn from about the way one should live his or her life. It is their serving that makes many people, many nations inhabiting our country the united nation.

The key-note for the ceremony was the words about the striving of our people to preserve the traditional values which are shared by representatives of different confessions. Last year Chairman of the Russia’s Central Spiritual Governance for Muslims supreme mufti Talgat Tadjuddin was among the winners. “Perhaps it may seem strange that Muslim gets the prize but there is one God… We are always together when faith and loyalty are concerned. Faith without loyalty is very weak,” – the religious activist said when he was awarded the prize “For many years of serving the cause of strengthening inter-religious accord”.

This year the prize “For strengthening the civil accord and inter-religious world in the Russian society” was given to President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, the founder of the Jewish Museum and the “Centre of Tolerance” Aleksandr Moiseyevich Boroda. In different years he served in the navy, took part in the construction of several Moscow metro stations, he was one of the originators of the Moscow Jewish Community Centre which is the largest in Eastern Europe. Two years ago by the initiative of A.Boroda and chief rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar the largest Jewish Museum was opened in Moscow as well as  the “Centre of Tolerance” which is the largest indoor exhibition site in Europe with the educational programme devoted to tolerance. According to Aleksandr Moiseyevich “having visited the museum many people leave it with a new approach to life.” O.Yu.Atkov emphasized: “This museum comprises electronic version of surnames of all soviet soldiers who died during the latest war. Thank God, there are such people like  Aleksandr Moiseyevich who cherish the memory of people who sacrificed their lives for us.” A.M.Boroda said that today Russia is in the avant-garde of the countries that protect traditional religious and family moral-ethical values, and sets the example of co-working of representatives from different confessions to the whole world. “I am glad to state the fact that together with representatives of different confessions we make contribution to the close-knit family, to growing number of children, to getting the real truth in our minds, to make our society more spiritual and pure. We tried to create certain lessons where children and youth would get the understanding about the existence of people with different physical abilities and different values. We need the understanding and respect for other person and these values should be transferred to friends and children in the future” – said A.Boroda.

Unfortunately due to illness Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “RTI” OJSC, President of “Mercury Club” Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov could not get the prize in Kremlin which he was awarded “For distinguished services to the cause of strengthening of national identity and protection of national interests of Russia on the international arena”. He started as a journalist. During complicated years of 1990s he was in charge of the External Intelligence Service and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was the Prime Minister. He is known for wisdom and determined character. In XXI century he was Head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia for almost 10 years. In October 2014 Ye.M.Primakov celebrated his 85th birthday. According to Vladimir Yakunin apart from the illness another reason why the awardee is not able to attend the awarding ceremony is his duties to fulfill state tasks related to governmental service. That was also the reason why in due time President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin could not get the prize in Kremlin. He stated that prolific work and experience of all the prize winners of the prestigious award are highly respected. Luckily there was no reason not to obtain the award for “a little woman who has a huge heart and courage which can be admired even by special forces agents.” V.Yakunin said that about Elena Borisovna Mizulina.

Chairperson of the State Duma Committee of Federal Assembly of RF on Women, Family and Youth Issues E.B. Mizulina is awarded “For outstanding personal contribution to development of family policy of Russia and protection of traditional family values.” In 2013 in Leipzig together with Natalia Narochnitskaya she participated in the conference where they were kicked on their legs by legs of representatives of so-called liberal-democratic society. The people who were kicking them were doing that only because they were afraid of faith and loyalty.

Elena Borisovna has been working in State Duma since 1995. The Committee she is in charge with works on over a hundred legislative drafts every year. Maternity capital, parents’ responsibility for their children, protection of orphans rights, state support for families with children, issues of information safety for children – these are the basic priority topics in the activity of the Committee. Thanks to personal attention and consolidated work of her colleagues they can solve almost all the issues of thousands of people who appeal to the Committee. According to E.B.Mizulina the development of our state is closely connected with keeping the values that are traditional for our society, first of all family values. “In recent years we have achieved a lot in this direction. The President supports us and it means a lot,” – she said. “We are with him. And this is the most important thing. But we have a lot to do. Every minute, every second there is tough ideologic and moral fight for every value. But I am sure that we will win. Russia will be real Motherland for the traditional family culture. (Applause) It will be strong, powerful and firm because we believe in it and people who believe in themselves and in their Motherland always win.” Elena Borisovna noted that the prize “For Faith and Loyalty” is the most prestigious and acknowledged public award in Russia. But this award is only given in advance and is not acknowledgement of her personal work. This is the merit of many people who joined her, wrote to her, prayed in churches. These are her colleagues and friends, this is the remarkable programme “Sanctity of Motherhood”, this is the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called which was created when Russia was torn apart and when nobody knew what would be with our society.  But already at that time the Foundation began its hard work for the sake of spiritual and moral renovation of Russia. According to Elena Mizurina “all the problems of Russia can be solved by such values as friendly close-knit family with many children where there is respect for the elder and love for children. They will help secure the present and the future.”

Executive Director of the international non-governmental organization “Fair help” Yelizaveta Petrovna Glinka was awarded the prize “For personal courage, solace and self-denying aid for Donbass civilians”. Doctor Liza – the woman with a huge heart and compassionate soul – is known by millions of people. She got medical education in Soviet Union and in the second part of 1980s she left for the USA where she got her second education specializing in “palliative care”. In 1999 in Kiev Yelizaveta Glinka founded her first hospice. This word is translated from Latin as “asylum for strangers”. It is a helping place when medicine can not help any longer and for those who have nowhere to go. In 2007 in Moscow Doctor Liza founded the “Fair help” fund which helps homeless people, low-income families, seriously ill patients and those who don’t expect to recover at all. In the midst of battles in Ukraine Doctor Liza went to the inferno of war in order to help the suffering people. Vladimir Yakunin who usually does not watch TV saw a report about this fragile little woman who organized the extraction of over 60 injured and sick children from the territory of humanitarian catastrophe. He is sure that those children had not a single chance to survive there. But fortunately there are such people like Doctor Liza. Ha said that she “kept her benevolent heart and commitment.” Yelizaveta Glinka is confident that there is always miracle in our life and we just don’t notice it, but it is so important not to pass by.” I would like to be the last woman who gets a prize for extraction of children from the battling area. Because children and war are absolutely incompatible. I have recently come from that place and I am coming back there soon. I have seen many small children, sick children, injured children and miserable old people. This is so near us – it’s just one night by train. No to war” – said Doctor Liza, and thanked those who nominated her and awarded with the prize, those who help in their hard work. There were four of her team members in the hall and the audience greeted them with loud applause. Many people among the audience cried when they saw episodes about the work of Doctor Liza in Ukraine.

Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor of Russian State Agrarian University (Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A.Timiryazev) V.D.Strelets was awarded “For heroism, many years of self-denying work and advanced achievements in science”. Viktor Dmitriyevich was one of those who managed to prevent the accident on the submarine “K19” and later a film was made in the USA about it.  His second life started when he left the navy service. Since childhood he loved working on the land and now he’s trying to feed the country. He had a long way in science and devoted a part of his life to breeding new varieties of rose hips. “I would like to share this prestigious award with all professors and teachers of our Academy, all agricultural Universities of our great Russia and with veterans of the first crew of the first atomic submarine “K19”, – said the winner. “There is no such a peaceful profession like an agriculturist. Agriculture makes the country independent. In the current situation due to sanctions it is time to appeal to an agriculturist and to enhance prestige of an agricultural worker so that we could feed our country. Our man of genius Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin said that his character Yevgeny Onegin knew that the state was getting wealthier and lived a certain way, and why it didn’t need any gold as it had a simple product.”

The name of Pushkin was also mentioned by Head of special operational subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF, Police Colonel who was awarded “For heroism, personal courage and brave service for the country”. With excitement Aleksey Viktorovich Novgorodov cited the answer of the poet to the question of his lyceum friend on where he served: “I serve in Russia.” “To serve in Russia” according to the poet means “to selflessly devote your service to Motherland”. “It happened so in my life that I began to serve for Russia in air-landing army. For a half of my life I have been having the epaulets of  an officer of internal affairs on my shoulders, a soldier of law. I carried out an attack with mother-infantry. I was protected by Federal Security Service of Russia. In combat situations we didn’t divide ourselves into service arms, divisions, services. We fulfilled common tasks. And here in this hall people of different nationalities, different professions gathered here to say: “”We will stand up to any threat whatever it is and wherever it comes from.” (Applause) I would like to thank the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called for high assessment of my activity,” – said Aleksey Novgorodov. We – people in uniform – don’t assure anybody in anything. We only swear an oath for the sake of Motherland and are honest in front of it as if it is praying to God or talk to Mother. And now on receiving this prize I would like to say: “Serving my country!” In his closing speech Vladimir Yakunin said that in destinies of our winners as if they are drops of water you can see the reflection of heartbeat  of life of our society, the history of the country and the main things – its faith, its spirit, its hope. “22 years is not a short period of time. Our country is changing, and not always are these changes easy,” – said Vladimir Ivanovich. As every person has difficult periods of his or her life, it is the way how the person overcomes this that will influence his or her understanding of self, first of all.

At the end of the ceremony the stage hosted the winners of this year and  winners of previous years where one could see many respectable people. At the beginning of the ceremony one could see photos of the prize winners such as Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Aleksy II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, President of Russia V.V.Putin, People’s Artist of USSR I.S.Glazunov, Abkhazian poet and writer F.A.Iskander, Director of Research Phthisiopulmonology Institute of the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University M.I.Perelman, Director of the State Hermitage Museum M.B.Piotrovsky, sculptor V.M.Klykov, Artistic Director of the State Mariinsky Theatre V.A. Gergiev, People’s Artist of USSR A.B.Freindlich, People’s Artist of USSR V.S.Lanovoy, President of the Saint-Petersburg State University L.A.Verbitskaya, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences V.E.Fortov and others. The prize winners 2014 received musical congratulations from People’s Artists of Russia Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Tatyana Petrova, Yury Bashmet, Chamber Ensemble “Moscow Soloists”, State ensemble of dance “the Russian seasons” headed by Honoured Artist of Russia  Nikolay Androsov, Nonoured Artists of Russia Leonid Serebrennikov and Sergey Trofimov, soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Andrey Valenty, soloists of the art-project “Tenors of XXI century” and soloists of the “New Opera” theatre, Valeria Lanskaya, the Academic Ensemble of Songs and Dance of internal military forces  of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, State symphony orchestra “New Russia” (conductor Igor Razumovsky), “Cantilena” choir of the School of Arts named after Dyagilev and others. Traditionally the award ceremony finished with the famous “Farewell of Slavianka” performed by Tatyana Petrova and Andrey Valenty. Having heard the first notes of the song – which is very interesting in its history – all the audience members stood up “For Faith”.  During the years of the Civil War the martial song was popular in the White Army that is why it was prohibited in the Soviet times for a long time. And now when many countries of the world are against Russia the words from the song are really vital.


The event took 2 days, this year it was dedicated to the theme “Family in life of young generation: issues, practices and opportunities”. 400 participants from 11 countries: Russia, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, China, Poland, USA, Georgia and Montenegro attended the Forum this year. The “Sanctity of Motherhood” program has been implemented since 2006 […]


The delegation of the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called delivered the Holy Fire to Moscow from the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem. Hundreds of believers welcomed the Holy Fire at Vnukovo International Airport. They could get parts of the Holy Fire in order to bring it to their homes and churches. […]