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A Scientific and Practical Conference on Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery in Merano

On June 12, the city of Merano (northern Italy) hosted the scientific and practical conference “Merano Readings – 2015” on pediatric reconstructive surgery
The conference was organized by the G. I. Turner Children’s Orthopedic Institute (Saint Petersburg, town of Pushkin), by the Russian Center for the Development of Relations between the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Russia, and by Franz Tappeiner Hospital (Merano) with the support of the Center of National Glory.

The Chairman of the Center of National Glory and President of the N. I. Borodina Russian Center, Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin, addressed the participants of “Merano Readings” with opening remarks. In his appeal he noted, in particular, that “the conference would help the establishment of effective professional contacts and promote an exchange of experience and development of humanitarian and scientific cooperation”. Vladimir Ivanovich also wished Italian and Russian conference participants “fruitful work and successes in their professional activities”.

On behalf of the leadership of the Center of National Glory and the St. Andrew Foundation, Zalina Grigoryevna Medoyeva, Vice-President of the foundations, also expressed words of welcome.

Experts from St. Petersburg and South Tyrol took part in the work at the “Merano Readings – 2015” conference. The Russian delegation was headed by Alexey Georgevich Baindurashvili, director of the G. I. Turner Institute.

In an interview with Russian and Italian journalists, Alexey Baindurashvili, in particular, emphasized: “As far as concerns our conference in the city Merano – for us it is a great honor to hold this conference for various reasons. The main reason is that, together with you, we are making a positive common cause. When experts of such an industry as medicine come to the negotiating table, constructive negotiations are held and experience is shared. As a result of this exchange, doctors benefit in the end, but the main benefit is for our patients. We are sharing with them our surgical technologies and they are sharing with us their technologies. The result that comes from such common cause can be called “better treatments for children”.

In the framework of the conference, a number of professional consultations and presentations on scientific developments were undertaken in the field of children’s orthopedics, traumatology, burn, newborn and maxillofacial surgery. In addition, the Italian specialists were invited to an internship at the leading therapeutic-diagnostic center of Russia – the G. I. Turner Institute (Saint Petersburg, town of Pushkin).

Summing up the results of “Merano Readings – 2015”, the director of the G. I. Turner Institute, Professor Baindurashvili, expressed confidence that the Russian specialists have something with which to surprise their foreign colleagues: “Lately I can tell you that our institute has become one of the five best clinics in the world! We sometimes cannot even imagine how much we are not bragging about our own achievements! There was a congress in Marseilles on children’s traumatology and orthopedics, where our reports were included in the top-ten best. This was one and a half months ago.”

We remind you that the beginning of cooperation between the G. I. Turner Children’s Orthopedic Institute and the Franz Teppeiner Hospital was put into place in November 2014 as part of the international humanitarian event “Petersburg Meetings in Merano”, organized with the participation of the Center of National Glory. It was precisely then that the medical community of South Tyrol was first presented with innovative methods of treatment and technology in the field of children’s orthopedics and traumatology, as employed by the G. I. Turner Institute.


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