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The Bust of Yuri Gagarin will be placed at the Max Valle Observatory at a Height of 1349 Meters

On 20.06.2015 a bust of Yuri Gagarin – the first man to complete a flight to space – will be installed in the Max Valle Observatory at a height of 1349m in the Astronomy Village in the Eggental Valley in South Tyrol.
The “Dialogue of Cultures – United World” foundation (Russia) transferred a bronze bust of Yuri Gagarin, the work of sculptor Alexey Leonov, as a gift to Italian amateur astronomers.
As president of the “Max Valle” South-Tyrolean Association of Astronomers, Rudy Holzner stated: “Interest in the exploration and development of space joins together our countrymen: the great scientist and pioneer of rocket construction Max Valle and Yuri Gagarin, who in 1961 became the first person who to launch into space by rocket. The opening of this bust of the first astronaut to an observatory, which bears the name of Max Valle, will make this bond even more apparent and significant for all who gaze up at the starry sky.”
The N. I. Borodina Russian Center, in developing cultural ties between Italy and Russia, is contributing to the establishment of direct contacts and implementation of joint projects with Russian associations and South-Tyrolean associations and foundations. Installation of a bust of Yuri Gagarin on the high mountains of one of the most beautiful valleys of the Dolomites is the continuation of a space theme in the projects of the Russian Center. In 2011, the N. I. Borodina Center held the first European quiz on knowledge of the Russian language, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first flight to space, the winners of which were invited to a rocket launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. In 2013, the year of the 50th anniversary of the first flight to space by Valentina Tereshkova, the planetarium of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano successfully held an exhibition called “Pathway to the Stars”, which was opened by the mayor of the star city, pilot-cosmonaut Valeriy Tokarev.


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