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In Great Britain several thousands of Christians welcomed the Holy Fire

Representatives of Orthodox Christian communities in the Kingdom believe the delivery of the Holy Fire will help improve spiritual relations between the countries.

The Holy Fire, which descends in Jerusalem just before the Day of the Resurrection of Christ, has been brought to Great Britain for the Easter Holiday, according to the TASS correspondent. The Fire was welcomed in London and brought to the churches by representatives of the Russian, Serbian, Constantinople, Georgian and other Orthodox churches, as well as by the Copts and the Syrians.

“I hope the delivery of the Easter joy to the British Isles will become a good tradition despite the overall political tensions. It is not just a task but our Christian duty to share the blessing of the Orthodox Faith with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world” – said Timofey Musatov, a lawyer and an Orthodox Christian philanthropist, who organized the delivery of the Fire from Jerusalem, TASS reported.

The delivery of the Holy Fire to Great Britain is held jointly with the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called. It has been organized for the second time.


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