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Students are going to learn how to settle global disputes in a peaceful way

Moscow, March 23,MoscowRegion StateUniversity will host a historical game for studentsorganized as part of the project titled “The Fragile World: from the League of Nations to the United Nations Organization”. The project is implemented by the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called.
The project comprises three parts: an Internet-related element, a students’ game and an expert session. Itsmain goal is educational one. The target audience includes socially active groups of the population, the young generation in particular.
TheFoundationof Saint Andrew the First-Called has the significant experience related to such events. For instance, in 2017-2018 “Russia 1917: the Images of the Future” project and “The Civil War: Mirrors of the Epoch” project were implemented. For each of the projects the Foundation organized studentgames where a total of over 100 students took part.
The project of this year is focused on creation and activity of the League of Nations, which is a completely new international organization established in 1919 in order to prevent events of the world war.
The game will take place on March 23 this year at 15.00 at Moscow Region State University. Students of the following universities will take part in it: Moscow Region State University, MGIMO University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Yaroslavl State University and Kursk State University. The game simulates the first session of the League of Nations in 1919. While students take part in the simulated situation that would reveal all the complexity and diversity of diplomatic relations and international issues the world empires had to face after the WWI, they will be able to experience the realities of the epoch, along with learning a lot about the eminent leaders of the time.
Five student teams will represent the countries-founders of the League of Nations: France, England, USA, Japan and Italy. The game will have two rounds. In the first round the teams will show their awareness of the League of Nations history; they will answer some questions while competing in a game that reminds “My Own Game” TV Show. In the second round each team will present their projects on the world order (on behalf of the chosen country).
The project requirements:
It is necessary to take into consideration the real international situation that has been created by 1920.
The project should protect global and domestic interests of the country the team is representing.
The project must include ideas about peacekeeping on the planet. Thereshouldbeapossibility to solve local and global international disputes.
An expert committee will assess the teams’ projects (university teachers and invited experts). Assessmentscores will be given based on the following criteria: how precise and detailed the answer to the questions in the 2<sup>d</sup> round is; if the project is based on logic and thought through; its historical relevance; creative element (vivid, peculiar performance, with costumes).
At the end of the game members of the committee are going to define the team-winner that will get the main prize. Also, thecommitteewillchoosewinnersforthefollowing nominations: “For artistry”, “For historical credibility”, “For persuasive debates”, “For the best character”.
On the one hand, the game has the educational element, while, on the other hand, it is entertaining when the game format helps obtain new information and create one’s own attitude to the century-old historical events.
The project is implemented by the Foundation of Saint-Andrew the First-Called together with the Russian Military Historical Society, The Russian Historical Society and “Istoki” Endowment Fund.


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