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About the Foundation

The Endowment for St Andrew the First-Called Foundation was established in June 2013 in order to study and preserve the Russian national legacy both in Russia and abroad as well as to provide for peaceful coexistence of different nations and confessions. Attracted donations and the return on their investment will be allocated to the development of St Andrew the First-Called Foundation programmes.

Goals of the Endowment for St Andrew the First-Called Foundation:

  • granting scholarships;
  • providing financial support for media, educational institutions or projects, or research centres;
  • financing research and cultural projects;
  • providing financial support for conferences, seminars, symposia and the like;
  • encouraging by all adequate means, notably with financial support, research and action groups or thinks-tanks.

Advantages of an Endowment Fund Structure

Stable long-term financing of the programmes

Donation to an endowment fund provides stable long-term financing of charity programmes and long-term partnership not depending on the financial conditions of the donors in future.

Intended use of capital

Return earned on invested donations is transferred to the Fund’s programmes strictly in accordance with the donor agreement and/or a decision of the Fund’s Board.

Financial transparence

The Fund is controlled by the Board. The fund will regularly prepare and publish on its web site financial report covering its activity and the use of capital.

Different forms of donations

Donations to the endowment fund can be made in the form of cash contributions, securities or real estate.

Tax advantages

The Foundation intends to carry out its activities in Switzerland such that it obtains full exemption from profit tax at federal, cantonal and municipal levels as well as from capital duty for cantonal and municipal tax purposes.

It may be possible to structure donations made by Swiss residents to the Foundation, such the donation is tax deductible up to 20% of their taxable income. Generally, donations to the Foundation will be treated as tax exempt for gift tax purposes. For specific question which you may have in relation to tax deductibility of donations, we can provide additional information on request.

Individual approach

The Fund’s management takes into account preferences of each donor with respect to the donation form and structure.