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Photo Exhibit Opening 7 June Commemorating 150th Anniversary of the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Geneva

The exhibit was organized under the initiative of Archbishop Michael of Geneva and Western Europe, with the participation of the Fund of St. Andrew the First-Called, at the State Archive of the City of Geneva.
The materials for the exhibit were provided by various Russian institutions: the Russian Museum, the Architecture Museum of the Art Academy of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Historical Archive in Saint Petersburg, the State Historical Museum, the Library Fund of the Russian Overseas Institute, the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Empire and the State Archive of the Russian Federation (Moscow). Collectors of family archives – M.V. Zubova (Moscow), TF Fabergé, O.I. Engler (daughter of Archpriest I. Troyanov of Lausanne), A. Dyakonov (musician), Maria Stravinsky (Fondation Igor Stravinsky) and others made notable contributions.
The Russian church in Geneva is the oldest Orthodox church in Switzerland, and its architecture is an example of successful collaboration of Russian and Western European master workers – architects, builders, restorers and artists. The exhibit purports to show the Russian church not only as an architectural gem, but as a cultural and philanthropic centre preserving Russian language and historical traditions.
International programmes that expose people living in various countries around the world to the riches of Russian culture and history has been a traditional goal of the Fund of St. Andrew the First-Called. Similar striking projects have already been held in France, Italy, Greece, Serbia and Austria.


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