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Regarding factually inaccurate information in an article in The Times 30 October 2016

On 30 October 2016, The Times published an article entitled “Revealed: Putin’s true-blue Tory friends” where they say that the Endowment for Saint Andrew the First-Called Foundation, registered in Switzerland, covered the expenses related to participation of Robert Oulds, the head of Bruges Group, and Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman of Bow Group think tank, in the International Forum “Large Family and the Future of Humanity” which was held in 2014 in Moscow.

The Endowment for St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation confirms that this claim is false.

The Endowment for St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation is an independent organization. It functions with the sole purpose of studying and preserving the Russian national heritage in Russia and abroad and it has nothing to do with activity of governmental authorities of the Russian Federation or with activity of any political party in Russia or any other country.

The conclusions made by Andrew Gilligan, the author of the article, are unfounded and inaccurate.


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