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"Service to the Motherland: events and names" programme

The Centre of National Glory project “Service to the Motherland: events and names” is being implemented with the aim of heightening the interest and deepening the knowledge of the younger generation about the watershed events of Russian history and about the historical figures whose lives serve as a prime example of service to the Motherland. The first years of project implementation were marked by the realization of charitable programmes aimed at perpetuating the memory of Baron Alexander L. Stieglitz, Count Feodor A. Golovin, and the legendary pilot Endel K. Puusepp.

In less than a decade ten charity programs on perpetuating the memory of distinguished Russian statesmen have been completed in various geographical locations of our country from the west-most point in Kaliningrad region to the Far East. 

On 9–10 February 2011 in Ulyanovsk, another cycle of events was held under the auspices of the charitable programme arranged to commemorate the preeminent Russian writer, poet, thinker, publicist and historian Nikolai M. Karamzin, organized in association with the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

In 2012, events were held in honour of the memory of the Venerable Euphrosyne of Moscow.
In 2013 new charitable programmes in memory of the admiral Gennady I. Nevelsky, an outstanding sailor and researcher of the Far East, and count Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias (1776–1831), a distinguished diplomat of the Russian Empire and the first President of Greece (1827–1831), were held.